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Gluten and Dairy Free Delights At Open Door Policy

1 year ago by Haren Yong

Open Door Policy is revitalising the culinary scene with its gluten-free and dairy free spread. It’s the first Singaporean bistro that offers tasty, contemporary comfort food that is specially catered for diners with gluten and dairy intolerances as well as allergies. Open Door Policy has also created an Open Farm Community aimed at those who prefer to eat in a sustainable, healthy way.

“No gluten, no dairy, lots of indoor gardening. It’s good for the soul, the digestive system, and the planet,”
Cynthia Chua, Founder Open Door Policy and CEO of The Spa Esprit Group

open door policy crispy quail

Located at 19 Yong Siak Street in bustling Tiong Bahru, diners are greeted by greenery when they arrive.  Outdoor plants lined the entrance adding enviably green hues to the effervescent bistro.

open door policy facade

open door policy outdoor plants


It’s inviting interior is one of laid back elegance. The brick and wood furnishing ensures a pastoral slice of comfort as soon as you sit at the table. A welcoming decor that speaks warmth with the hip factor that’s ideal for family dinners, intimate conversations or corporate dinners.

open door policy ambience

open door policy interior

Notable as Tiong Bahru’s favourite gourmet spot, Executive Chef Ryan Clift oversees a dining experience of wholesome Western and contemporary Asian flavours. “Each ingredient has been painstakingly selected to contribute to the overall great flavours of the dishes” says Chef Ryan. The menu is therefore packed with tasty flavours and textures with lightness a cornerstone of the dishes.


Celery and Almond Soup – hokkaido scallop, cauliflower – $24
Indulge in this rich, nutty celery and almond soup served with Hokkaido scallop and cauliflower. A nutritious and delicious spark to whet the appetite.


open door policy celery and almond soup

Quinoa salad – fermented root vegetables, garlic soil, garden herbs – $20
Fermented root vegetables such as carrot, turnip and golden and purple beets are paired with quinoa, garlic soil and garden herbs. The herbal essence of the garlic soil is a standout.

open door policy quinoa salad

Slow Cooked Celeriac – watercress sauce, swiss cured ham “speck” – $24
A fresh, earthy sweet celeriac from Genting, salt-baked in a salt crust. It is lightly grilled and slow-cooked in puree of wild watercress,olive oil and dutch radish, balanced with the savoury flavours of swiss cured ham “Speck” and a nice smoky bacon.

open door policy slow cooked celeriac


Vegan maccheroni pasta – portobello bolognese gratin, bechamel – $24
Macaroni pasta topped with a Portobello Bolognese gratin made from a reduction of mushroom to mimic the feeling of meat. It is finished with a béchamel that uses inactive yeast and nutmeg to mimic the classic mornay sauce. The dish is finished off with wild mustard.

open door policy vegan maccheroni pasta

King crab orecchiette – saffron and corn sauce, sugar snap peas – $29
A king crab orecchiette pasta served with a thick saffron and corn sauce. It is topped off with sugar snap peas and fresh basil. The sweetness of the crab is paired with earthy pea flavours.

open door policy king crab orecchiette

Pan seared crispy quail – turnips and chickpeas casserole, banana shallot – $34
Savour the Pan seared crispy quail served with pickled turnips and a nutty chickpeas casserole with banana shallots. The piquant chickpeas and crackling quail are the perfect combo to this remarkable dish.

open door policy pan seared quail

Braised veal ossobuco – carrot risotto and smoked paprika, watercress – $32
A fork-tender braised veal ossobuco with a full-bodied carrot risotto and smoked paprika, and watercress that is harvested in-house. The creamy texture of the carrot risotto synthesises with the delicate smoothness of the veal.

open door policy braised veal ossobuco


Why Sundae? – soy and palm sugar gelato with all the trimmings – $16
A soy and palm sugar gelato with peanut butter brittle and honeycomb.It is served with gluten-and dairy-free a chocolate brownie and chocolate custard, topped off with a chocolate snap and wild flowers from our garden. Relish the burst of colours and flavours decked out in a rustic mortar.

open door policy sundae

Dates & walnut cheesecake – red apple – $16
Dates and walnut cheesecake with fresh red apple. The crunch of the walnuts and the apple complements the moistness of the silky cheesecake. Be awed as it’s a great concoction of a dessert that’s 100% dairy free.

open door policy walnut date and walnut cheesecake

Light almond milk custard – poached strawberries and sorbet, chocolate tuille – $16
A light almond panna cotta served with minty poached strawberries, fresh, tangy sorbet, and a chocolate tuille. With its refreshing lift on the senses, this will become a favourite. The sorbet is light and cool, the panna cotta a soothing sweet ending to any meal.

open door policy light almond milk custard

Open Door Policy

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