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Asian BBQ And Dessert Bar

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For a sensational dining experience, Fat Lulu’s will leave you satisfied and wanting more! This modern Asian BBQ kitchen and dessert bar is created to bring an enjoyable experience. Founders Chef Sam Chablani and Chef Song are present every day, creating each individual savoury dish for hungry and adventurous individuals. Using fresh food selectively chosen by the chefs themselves each day, Fat Lulu’s is about quality. Marinating meats from ten in the morning till they create their art pieces at night, Fat Lulu’s work for their goal of perfection.

sensational dining fat lulus spicy pork

With dishes such as Duh Meat Board (($28), Spicy BBQ Full Rack Pork Ribs ($28), and Grilled Giant Crab Legs ($28), Fat Lulu’s is a place for meat and seafood lovers. Giving a balanced diet, Fat Lulu’s also offers vegetable dishes. Expertly grilled over charcoal, dishes such as Burnt Corn ($11), and Fried Curried Cauliflower ($12) have been created. Don’t be deceived by the titles for Burnt Corn and Fried Curried Cauliflower are both favourites of patrons and Chef Chablani himself. A favourite main of Chef Chablani is his Spicy BBQ pork ribs served whole with a sauce mixed from chipolte, Kechap manus, and rice wine vinegar, giving a delightful smoky flavour.

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Sweet and detailed desserts are Chef Song’s specialty, each dish is inspired by his experiences from childhood to his love for chocolate. All- time favourites include Chef Song’s completely chocolate Atas Kinder Bueno dish ($16) with three types of chocolate in one dessert, and Childhood ($16), a peanut butter and chocolate popsicle covered in raspberry granita with crushed chocolate cookies gives a sensational popping sensation.

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sensational dining fat lulus childhood

Averaging less than $60 per person, with a generous serving size, Fat Lulu’s keeps it’s prices cheap and affordable for all. Created for social gatherings or romantic, quiet dates, Fat Lulu’s is located at an accessible part of town. Head there now for an experience not to be missed!

Address: 297 River Valley Road Singapore 238338
Opening hours: Tuesdays – Thursdays 6 – 11, Friday – Saturday 6 – 2, Sunday 6 – 11, Monday closed

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