FJ Visits: Greenhouse at Nosh

2 years ago by Fiona Chen

Greenhouse at Nosh recently revamped its menu to reflect what is best described as “globally influenced”. While it might sounds like a confused chef trying to please as many palates as possible, it actually manages to pull this off very well. Whatever they set out to achieve for a particular dish, at least for most of the ones we tasted, was executed perfectly.

We started dinner with three appetisers:

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 5.43.28 pm

Soft Shell Crab

The Soft Shell Crab came with popped wild rice and sambal coconut flakes – the popped rice was extremely moreish, reminding us of sambal-flavoured popcorn (you heard this idea here first!). The Soft Shell crab however, like too many renditions elsewhere, was let down by a limp batter. Still, the crab’s flesh was plump and sweet, so we were willing to overlook its insipid exterior.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 5.43.19 pm

Iberico Jowl (top left) and Thyme Ricotta (bottom left)

The Iberico Jowl was one of the best versions we’ve had, which was lightly glazed in a sticky stout glaze. But what really stood out apart from the tender pork was the smokiness imparted from being finished on the charcoal grill. The portion was quite generous too, and we agreed it would actually suffice as a main for a small eater like me.

Thyme Ricotta, which was the most underwhelming savoury dish that evening. The lemon confit was too sweet, overpowering the cheese, which resulted in what reminded us of a deconstructed cheesecake. We were also wondering: where was the thyme? 

Now, onto the mains:

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 5.43.46 pm

Lamb Shank Mechoui

It’s been a week since our visit to Greenhouse, but we are still thinking about its Lamb Shank Mechoui. Now, we were a tad wary initially as it sounded like a hot mess on paper, with North African and Egyptian influences. But the lamb shank was so fork tender we actually used just a spoon to carve out the flesh, together with a generous wallop of the sweet potato ragout.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 5.43.38 pm

Pan Roasted Barramundi

Now, the sweet potato ragout is a thing of beauty. It was velvety, and well-seasoned with what we believe is a blend of Middle-Eastern spices, tomato and probably a generous dose of smoked paprika. When eaten together, the lamb and sweet potato was an extremely savoury and satisfying experience. We lapped everything up so quickly that we almost forgot we had two other mains, the Braised Short Rib, which was also delightfully tender though a tad forgettable, while the Pan Roasted Barramundi is a great option for those who don’t take red meat. The locally-sourced fish features a crisp skin and meaty flesh which complemented the Coconut-Tamarind sauce well. It could do with a bit more seasoning, but then again we like our salt so it could be just us.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 5.48.52 pm 

The savouries sadly overshadowed the sweets. The Mango Lassi reminded us of a Chinese banquet-type mango sago dessert, while the Chocolate Delice, while generous with its chocolate flavours, was rather run of the mill. We say save the money for their cocktails instead – the Lanai, with its house-infused apricot and vanilla rum, is a worthy dessert replacement.

Would we go back?

Yes! With its superb mains averaging about $29, and appetisers about $17, we feel that it is one of the best menu revamps we’ve tried in a long while. Plus, the surroundings are beautiful – perfect for bringing a first date without breaking the bank.

Greenhouse is located at 9 Rochester Park.

Images: Nosh 

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