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FJ visits: Stranger’s Reunion review

1 year ago by Weets Goh

Specialty coffee cafe pioneer Stranger’s Reunion has recently revamped their menu to feature a healthier menu that promises to be just as delicious. Inspired by trips to Melbourne as well as a personal lifestyle change (he is now more health-conscious), co-owner Ryan Tan decided to bring mindful eating to the forefront at the cafe. We went down to check out some of the new dishes, as well as revamped old favourites. 

Honey Mustard Sweet Potato Chips ($12.90)

sweet potato chips

Crisp and freshly fried, these were boldly flavoured with a sweet, pungent honey mustard that had a significant kick. We mistaken thought that these would arrive in the form of fries, but were pleasantly surprised that they were crisp, thin chips. Perfect for snacking with some beer.

Chorizo Croquette ($11.90)

chorizo croquette

Served with chipotle mayo and homemade aioli, these bordered on addictive. Fluffy mashed potatoes, chopped gherkins and smoky chorizo all encased in a crisp breading. The dish also comes with a handful of arugula at the bottom of the bowl, in case you need to assuage any guilt. 

 Crabcake Reunion ($18.90)

crab cake This was one of our favourites, and features a potato cake stuffed generously with crabmeat atop a bed of shaved asparagus. The dish is topped with avocado, a poached egg, torched hollandaise and a sprinkling of ikura for good measure. 

Salmon and Kale ($19.90)

salmon and kale

Salmon and kale. Two of the healthiest-sounding words to have ever been put together. Doesn’t mean that it wasn’t delicious though. The healthier elements of the dish were tied together with the inclusion of a poached egg, hollandaise and ikura. Croutons and pickled onion slivers added texture and sharpness. We did feel, however, that the poached egg could have been a  bit more runny. 

Coconut Chia Pudding ($11.90)

coconut chia seed pudding

They’ve got a whole new section on the menu dedicated to superfood bowls. We tried the Coconut Chia Pudding, which came topped with mixed berries, desiccated coconut and crunchy sugar peanuts. The chia seeds were soaked in slightly sweetened coconut milk, resulting in a slight gelatinous pudding filled with crunchy bits from the seeds. This was rich with creamy coconut, yet quite light on the palate with the fruits adding bursts of freshness. 

Stranger’s Reunion

35 Kampong Bahru Road

Tel: 6222 4869



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