Unique Ideas to Up Your Table-Setting Game

8 months ago by The Food Journal

From casual get-togethers to planning for wedding banquets, table-setting can quickly become a chore, especially if you’re the type to hold many parties in a week. Here are some creative ways you can use various objects to up your table-setting game.


If you’re looking for an unconventional centrepiece which doesn’t involve flowers, there are many other objects that you can use as a bold statement piece. Brightly coloured fruit can anchor the entire theme of your gathering. You can either float fruit in large, clear vases (filled with water to different levels) or fill acrylic containers with various fruit for a unique display of still life. Another way to make use of fruit is to carve out a space for tealights in them.


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Place cards

You can also make use of fruits for place markers by tying simple cards with the names of your guests onto the stalks or sticking them onto toothpicks. The fruits can be eaten after your party or taken home by your guests. Either way, with this low-cost method of marking your guests’ spots, you can rest assured that you won’t have to crack your brain for elaborate and costly ideas the next time you have to host a gathering.


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Cutlery arrangement

When it comes to cutlery, because it can be complicated with so many different sizes of forks and knives, sometimes simple does it. However if there’s only one set of cutlery with a single fork, knife and spoon, you can leverage on themes and designs to suit the celebration or party. For example, if you’re having a Christmas dinner, you can use simple Christmas stockings to hold your cutlery and you can reuse them during the holiday.

table-setting cutlery

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Table favours

Surprise guests with small treats that can act as both placeholders as well as favours. Favours can be customised and set at each guest’s seat or placed together for ease of reach. If you put items like sweets and individually-wrapped chocolates into a large, clear container, it can also double as a centerpiece.



Place mats

Instead of regular place mats, you can use either chalkboard paper or whiteboards, which will be the perfect receptacle for doodling after a meal. This is especially useful for when you’re hosting children as well, and it can be a good way to keep them occupied while the grown-ups are engaging in conversation. Be sure to give provide chalk, or markers for them to go wild.




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