FJ Visits: Crackerjack

2 years ago by Anna Fernandez

Helmed by Head Chef Alysia Chan, Crackerjack is a cozy and quaint all-day dining destination, whose team is behind the award-winning 28 HongKong Street. As soon as you step in, you’ll be welcomed with open arms, by both service and cooking staff, treating you like old time friends. Their open kitchen allows for a more interactive experience and though you won’t find your regular eggs benedict here, their new brunch menu boasts feel-good offerings for anyone looking to kick back, relax, and enjoy hearty meals with a touch of creativity.

43 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088464 Tel: 8121 1462


We started off with a regular cuppa Joe, which was smooth and refreshing – much-needed to kick-start the morning. The art which came with it was simple, even, and clean.


Rich Hippie Granola

The house-made organic Dutch milk yogurt was a much appreciated anchor to the Rich Hippie Granola ($11), which comprises cashew nuts, flat seeds, sunflower seeds, rolled oats, buckwheat, cinnamon powder, and brown sugar. The yogurt base wasn’t overwhelming and when combined with the tangy pomegranate and sweet pineapple, made for the ultimate breakfast dish.


Sweet Potato Hash

The Sweet Potato Hash ($13) comprised of breakfast sausage, kale, roasted bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and resting in the centre, a baked egg, which was seasoned perfectly. The bitter kale contrasted well with the wholesome sausage, which was made with beer for extra flavour. Overall, a delightful menu item.



Only available on the brunch menu, the quinoa fried chicken ($16) is accompanied with a spicy banana ketchup and jícama slaw. The chicken had just the right amount of fat and the quinoa batter was definitely a unique touch. The Filipino-inspired sauce was definite standout, as it brilliantly combined a mild heat with the strong sweet cinnamon-esque flavour of the dip.


Funnel Cake

Alysia’s passion about meat is clear in this one. Although a bit tough on the palate, and difficult to dig into, the Funnel Cake ($12) was generously drizzled with salted caramel sauce, and provided for a satisfying ending to the meal. And it’s always a pleasant surprise for anything savoury to be used in dessert. The candied bacon, which is made by coating bacon with sugar and pepper, then roasted till golden brown, was glistening and charred just right, making it crispy but not too tough.


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