Freaky Halloween Treat Tips

3 months ago by Anna Fernandez

Halloween is around the corner and if you’re throwing a party, it’s time for you to get creative with what your guests will be eating and drinking. Here are some tips if you’re stumped and are racking your brain for freaky ideas.

Use food colouring to your advantage

Halloween is the time when you go overboard with whacky food colouring, using bright reds, greens and yellows like never before. You won’t ever go wrong with them and you’ll easily come up with the best and simplest creations when you’ve got food colouring at your disposal. They can be used to make icing or even to create crazily dyed cake interiors.

Don’t dismiss your typical tools in the kitchen

Strainers and straws make for the perfect tool to craft creative treats. For example, you can use straws to shape worm-like toppings by using jello and gelatin, making any cake you create look freaky as well as delicious.

Eyeballs, brains, and body parts


When in doubt, settle for the go-to choices for how your food should look like during Halloween: eyeballs, brains, and body parts. You can make cookies in the shape of human fingers or eyeballs, and use food colouring to add the veins and give them a bloodshot effect.

Props are your best friends

Be creative with how you display your Halloween treats, especially if you’re having people over for a party. For example, you can use crazy props like plastic syringes in beverages or serve dumplings in jars to make them look even more like brains. Not everything has to be edible and made from scratch. Make your desserts look even grosser by sticking a surgical instrument in it as a garnish. You can also transform an actual pumpkin into a punch bowl by hollowing it out and disposing off its innards and seeds, and drying it. You can do the same using oranges and carve them too, especially if you plan on making individualised beverages for your guests.

Keep it simple and have fun


You don’t always have to go over the top when it comes to creating Halloween treats. Opt for the minimalist approach if you’ve run out of ideas and simply have no time to plan and execute elaborate-looking cupcakes which will be gobbled up in a matter of seconds, especially by kids who are only looking for a sugar high. Keep it simple by using whole apples to make signature poison apples. Or if you’re rushing to get out something wholesome, carve a scary face on a pie, like you would do on a pumpkin. Most importantly, have fun while you’re preparing everything, and involve your kids in the process too!

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