NestBloom, Asia’s First Designer Bird’s Nest Dessert Makes its Debut

3 months ago by The Food Journal

NestBloom is Singapore’s first designer, ready-to-consume bird’s nest dessert.

It was created with the needs of the busy modern woman in mind. For many generations, mothers and grandmothers would spend hours painstakingly hand-picking and preparing bird’s nests, lovingly preparing this traditional dish for their families. NestBloom gives the busy modern woman the comfort of tradition without the painstaking hours spent in the kitchen. It also manages to convey their unchanging love, while assuring uncompromising quality.


For centuries, bird’s nest has been treasured as a health tonic and anti-aging elixir throughout Asia. The idea for NestBloom was a small seed that grew over 20 years of experience in the bird’s nest industry. Only all-natural ingredients are used and NestBloom bird’s nest desserts contain no preservatives, additives or chemicals.

Using revolutionary technology, each Bloom is made with devotion using the finest ingredients, and crafted by hand to reflect the careful deliberation with which its founder, Cieyou Lim, created NestBloom. After years of in-house research and development that uses state-of-the-art technology to preserve the nutrients and vitamins in every bird’s nest produced, NestBloom was developed.

In an incredible amalgamation of tradition and technology, NestBloom is the first of its kind and crafts a swifter way to treat our families to the wholesome, healing goodness of bird’s nest without compromising on the delicacy’s undeniable and plentiful benefits. You simply add a cup of hot water to a Bloom, and wait five minutes before savouring the traditional dessert.


Beautifully packaged in single-serve portions, NestBloom products are as aesthetically pleasing on the outside as they are on the inside. The bird’s nest is crafted into the form of a flower (a different bloom for each variety), drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature to reflect the product’s all-natural goodness.

NestBloom comes in three flavours, including matcha and rose almond cream. The original is the almond cream, with the cream extracted from the finest almonds and sweetened with a hint of pure rock sugar before being paired with carefully selected bird’s nest.

Bird’s nest is best consumed on an empty stomach. Ideally, it should be consumed before meals to allow the body to better absorb its nutrients. When bird’s nest is consumed in moderation, its unique predigested form of proteins and nutrients is said to aid recovery from chronic illnesses. In particular, it may help relieve respiratory ailments such as asthma or chronic coughs.

NestBloom’s pop-up boutique will remain open until 9 November. Special introductory prices accompany their launch.

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