Tips for Buying Food Products Online

3 months ago by Anna Fernandez

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) recently fined Ba Shu Lan Ren importers and seized instant self-heating hotpots containing meat. According to the AVA, food products containing meat can only be imported from approved sources that comply with AVA food-safety standards and requirements, as these products could carry animal and food-borne diseases of public health and trade importance.

Nowadays, almost all products can be bought online – cars, electronic gadgets, food, and even health supplements. From fighting for parking, dealing with the insane crowds at supermarkets, and waiting in long lines at checkout – shopping for our groceries online seem to be much less of a hassle and make us want to avoid the supermarket altogether. Here are some tips if you do decide to make the shift to online shopping, especially for food items.

Be careful with certain items


The Internet has become home to many platforms that sell medicinal drugs and other health products like supplements. This trend poses a safety concern because many products purchased from online sources could be counterfeit, or contaminated with banned substances.

Some of these platforms provide no contact information or have temporary websites. Because of this, we often have no way of keeping track of these online dealers, and are unable to contact them should problems arise.

Tests conducted on medicines and health products bought online have revealed medicines containing dangerous additives. There have also been instances of counterfeit medicines containing no active ingredients or expired products being sold to unsuspecting buyers as well.

So when it comes to certain items, it may be best to seek professional and verified sources instead of turning to online platforms.

Choose wisely

Whether you want to find a one-stop online site for all things grocery to save time and delivery charges or wish to visit specialised stores and pick up the best from them, there are plenty of options at your disposal.

For example, at Giant’s online store, you can shop for not only fresh produce but also dairy and frozen products, wines, kitchen wares, pet care, DIY materials, baby essentials, clothing, and much more. If you’re going for more obscure and hard-to-find items, you can try gourmet grocers like Ryan’s Grocery and The French Grocer.

Plan ahead

We all know we seldom stick to our lists once we step into a supermarket. Shopping online arguably reduces the likelihood of us buying items we don’t actually need. The opportunity to buy things in the comfort, convenience and privacy of our own homes eliminates the temptation you get while browsing the many aisles at a supermarket. The lack of temptation saves money, especially if you usually have children accompany you while you’re grocery shopping.

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