Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

8 months ago by Anna Fernandez

The wedding cake is one of the oldest wedding traditions, and arguably the main attraction at the wedding reception (apart from the newly married couple). And even though there may be plenty of styles and designs to choose from, you might want to start your preparation sooner, rather than later. Here are some tips for you to choose the perfect wedding cake.

Do research beforehand

You want to have a brief idea about the design or theme for your cake before you set up a tasting appointment. And we all know you’re never going to please everyone at the reception so it’s best to settle on what you both enjoy.

Look through wedding magazines, or spend some time online. However, keep in mind that the pictures in magazines have Photoshop and food stylists on their side. They also have the luxury of creating cakes from things that aren’t edible. Many cakes in magazines are iced pieces of Styrofoam. So don’t expect your cake designer to be able to replicate exactly what you see in print.


And, if you want to break away from tradition, there are many different desserts that are now taking the place of a regular wedding cakes, such as cupcakes, donuts, crepes, macarons and even cheese.

Personalise it

Today, couples are increasingly taking advantage of the latest trends and incorporating their personal traits into their wedding cake. From adhering to the overall colour scheme of your wedding, to using an artistic abstract design, the possibilities are endless.

In order to settle on a design, theme, and flavour that you both can agree on, you can create mood boards with images of cakes you love, your wedding’s overall colour palette, or any inspirational elements that will get the cake design wheels in motion.

Get creative with flavours (if you want)

You may be inclined on choosing safe flavours that you think majority of your guests would enjoy. Remember, it’s your wedding and this is your cake. So choose the flavours you and your partner like.

At tastings, clients may be invited into the bakery to sample various cakes, ask questions, and review portfolios. This is an excellent opportunity to meet bakers and completely understand the range of their abilities.

Some bakers charge extra for “premium” flavours and fillings, so be sure to establish any cost upgrades at your tasting so you don’t get hit with surprise surcharges.

Consider the venue

Depending on the number of guests you will have at your reception, the size of your cake will vary. Generally, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests and you’ll need five layers for 200 guests and above.

If the reception is in a space with high ceilings, you may want to consider increasing the cake’s stature with columns between its tiers. And if you’re having an outdoor wedding in a humid climate, steer clear of ingredients like whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream because they melt. Ask your baker for opinions. You might want to opt for a fondant-covered cake — it doesn’t even need to be refrigerated.

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