TFJ Eats: Unlimited BBQ Seafood Buffet At The Three Peacocks

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Everyone loves seafood. How about all you can eat bbq seafood?!?! Located near City Beach Resort, the place is entirely immersed in and surrounded by nature. You can forget about the bustling streets cars honking and just enjoy the company of your friends and good food.

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The Food
The Three Peacocks have a wide range of food, you can either choose to cook it on a grill or mookata style. Other than the variety of their seafood, Salmon, Oysters, Prawns, Stingray, Crab, you name it. Top up additional $20 for a live Boston lobster. Only available to 1 lobster per customer. If you’re not a fan of seafood, fret not. They also have a wide array of meat and finger food as well. When you top up an additional $3.90, you get free flow of cordials, soft drinks, and Thai Milk Tea!

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The buffet spread also includes the hot station dishes such as fried rice, bee hoon, crispy spring rolls, pizzas, and more. But do note that the dishes there vary from time to time, this is so that customers get to enjoy a spread of various dishes when they visit the restaurant. Sauces and condiments are also available next to the cash counter. The main highlight at the condiment counter has got to be the ‘Chilli Crab Sauce’, the perfect sauce to dip with the ‘Man Tou’ that is available at the hot stations.

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The Price
When the word ‘seafood buffet’ comes to your mind, you wouldn’t be thinking that it’s going to be price friendly, but good news, with less than $60, you get unlimited flow of drinks, hot station food, meat, and seafood. Definitely a bang for the buck.

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The Ambiance
Surrounded by the lush greenery with nature at its best. The Three Peacocks is the best place to unwind and relax with your friends after a day of work. The operating hours is from 5pm to 1am daily and there’s no limited time to how long you can stay there. Reservations and booking are highly recommended so as to avoid disappointment as most of the days the place is fully packed.

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How To Get There
Nearest MRT Station: Labrador Park (Circle Line)
Address: 8 Port Road Singapore, 117540
Social Media Handles: Facebook | Instagram

The nearest MRT to The Three Peacocks is at Labrador Park Station, and for those who don’t drive. You can either walk or take grab/uber from the taxi stand outside Labrador station. It’s about 5-10mins drive in. We will advise saving the walking back to the station after you have eaten your fill because a little work out will help in digesting all the food, thus, booking a grab/uber will be easier at the main street.

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