6 Food You Should NEVER Microwave

8 months ago by TFJ

Microwaving can be an easy access to getting our food cooked. But do you know that there are some food that is harmful to our body even if its microwaved? Today, we are going to share with you some of the food that you should never microwave.

1. Uncooked Rice
While it may be OK to re-heat your cooked rice, microwaving the uncooked grain can be hazardous to your health. According to the UK’s Food Standard Agency, microwaves don’t get hot enough to kill spores on raw rice, which can lead to food poisoning. Good to know!

2. Fruits
We don’t really know why anyone would ever put their fruit in the microwave in the first place, but if you’re thinking about doing it, DON’T. The high temperatures stop the fruit from releasing moisture, which means you’ll end up with an ooey-gooey and very burnt explosion all over the inside of the microwave!

3. Broccoli
Sure, we’ve all put broccoli in the microwave before, but the veggie simply isn’t equipped for handling the heat. In fact, when the green is zapped, it loses many of its essential nutrients. Better off serving it steamed or raw!

4. Leftover Potatoes
Be careful when reheating your leftover potatoes, especially if you let them cool down all the way before placing them in the fridge. Believe it or not, this seemingly harmless act encourages botulism to grow on your yummy side dish. See–not even your potatoes are safe from the microwave!

5. Breast Milk and Baby Formula
Although it was common practice years ago, the FDA is now advising moms and dads to not let their baby’s milk anywhere near the microwave because the liquid might not heat up evenly. This can create hot spots in the bottle which could burn your kiddo. Better off with a fridge or cold-water thaw!

6. Oils
While placing your favorite oil in the microwave might not be dangerous, it’s just not all that productive. This is because oil does not contain enough liquid within it to heat up quickly. Better off using the stove!

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