What is Eaten during Deepavali?

The holiday Diwali or Deepavali, commonly known as the festival of lights, is celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs around the world and the food aspect is just one of the many fascinating elements of the vibrant occasion. Here are some of the popular foods of Diwali. Mithai Sweets are very centric to Diwali and one..

Fun Facts About Berries

Berries may come in small packages, but they are highly nutritional and possess many health benefits. Most importantly, they add the perfect amount of sweetness to any diet, without any added sugar! Characteristics It may surprise you to know that raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries are not actually berries from a botanical point of view; they..

Vegetables: Raw or Cooked?

There’s really no easy answer. Since cooking heightens the nutrients in some vegetables and makes it easier for our bodies to absorb them, while it does the exact opposite in others, it really depends on the vegetable. Nutrient availability Cooking can increase the availability of some nutrients, including vitamin A, calcium, iron and the antioxidant..

Different Types of Potatoes and Their Benefits

Potatoes are often thought of as a comfort food – mashed with butter, cheese and sour cream or fried in oil. When prepared in these ways, they can lead to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. However, if they are eaten the right way, potatoes are essential and nutritious. They are low calorie and are..

Berlin: Germany’s Historic Capital

Be enthralled by baroque and neoclassical architecture in a contemporary cityscape that is as arresting at night as it is in the day. Berlin, Germany’s capital city, is most famously known for the Berlin Wall – a symbol that once divided but now serves to unite this cosmopolitan municipality – filled with futuristic architecture, a..

FJ Visits: Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

Prepare to be wowed by new Executive Chinese Chef, Chan Shun Wong and his team’s mouth-watering modern Cantonese cuisine at Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant. Their new menu items go beyond anything you’d expect of Cantonese cuisine and will surely leave you wanting more. A new and refreshing addition, the Deep-fried Prawns coated with Yuzu Mayonnaise..

Rev Up Your F1 Weekend

Whether you want to revel in the spirit of the F1 hype or completely avoid it, there’s something for you during the Grand Prix weekend and the weeks leading up to it. And even if you’re not really a fan of the race, here are some dining spots where you can nevertheless soak up the..

FJ Visits: Starker Q

Located at Waterway Point, Starker Q is literally a hard-to-find gem in the mall. Offering a wide range of international cuisine, this multi-concept food hall serves up quality dishes at wallet-friendly prices. The first floor houses five stalls including Legend Seafood, Mukja, Pizalo, My Bao, and Allegra while the second floor is devoted to Stärker Fresh Beer’s..

New Dining Destinations to Visit in September

You no longer have to rack your brain for the next get together! WELCOME BACK HOME After a hiatus, Bay Hotel Singapore is making a comeback by relaunching Rumah Rasa, a halal-certified Indonesian restaurant. Serving up Indonesian favourites not commonly found in Singapore, Bay Hotel acknowledges the importance of sustainable dining and farms its own spices,..

Power Foods for Athletes

Eating for athletic performance shouldn’t just take place after a workout or right before a major sporting event. As an athlete, it’s something you should be conscious of at every meal and throughout the day. Here are some foods which will keep your body fit and aid in the recovery process after you exercise. Cherries..