What Exactly are Whole Foods?

Whole foods are foods that are as close to their natural form as possible, and the whole foods diet refers to a less processed way of eating. Many types of whole foods are plant-based. Because they are as nature made them, they come without added fat, sugar, or sodium. Neither do they contain additives like salts,..

Foodie Travel Itineraries for Your Next Vacay

Look no further for travel ideas for the ultimate foodie! TREETOP GLORY Located on a pristine beach in Vourvourou, in Greece’s Halkidiki region, Ekies All Senses Resort is an idyllic hideaway which constructed its landscape through the use of natural unrefined materials. The resort boasts a Treehouse fine dining restaurant which spoils guests while delectable..

FJ Visits: Crackerjack

Helmed by Head Chef Alysia Chan, Crackerjack is a cozy and quaint all-day dining destination, whose team is behind the award-winning 28 HongKong Street. As soon as you step in, you’ll be welcomed with open arms, by both service and cooking staff, treating you like old time friends. Their open kitchen allows for a more..

Eating Tips to Remain Fit

It may seem impossible to stick to a diet or not be tempted to feast every once in a while. However, it doesn’t always have to feel like a chore to remain fit. With these simple eating tips, you’ll quickly realise that although it may take a whole lot of dedication and commitment, you don’t..

8 Places to Celebrate National Day This Year

National Day is around the corner and there’s really no better way to celebrate Singapore’s birthday than by engaging in everyone’s favourite pastime: eating! Here are some places you can get your patriotism on while chomping on the best the nation has to offer. JPOT JPOT is launching Singapore’s most iconic dish, the Chilli Crab,..

7 Different Types of Donuts and Where to Find Them

Glonuts (glow-in-the-dark donuts) are the latest donut trend. Created by Black Star Pastry in Australia, the neon pastries’ icing is actually a yuzu glaze which gets its glow from vitamin B. Happy international dounut day! Help celebrate this day with one of our #GLOWNUTS – only available at our @vividsydney pop-up in Martin Place A..

Unique Ideas to Up Your Table-Setting Game

From casual get-togethers to planning for wedding banquets, table-setting can quickly become a chore, especially if you’re the type to hold many parties in a week. Here are some creative ways you can use various objects to up your table-setting game. Centrepieces If you’re looking for an unconventional centrepiece which doesn’t involve flowers, there are..

The Best of the Region’s Street Food

Asian street food has increasingly been making their mark beyond the region, like in the video below, which shows Burmese street food being served at New York’s Queens Night Market. And since street food is everywhere, especially in Asia, we’ve put together the best of the region’s offerings, based off the locals’ most popular, go-to..

Different Ways to Use Alcohol in Cooking

Keep this in mind when pairing alcohol with food: lighter colored alcohols and spirits work well with lighter proteins, sauces, and meals, but as the alcohol gets darker, so should your pairings (though there may be exceptions). Alcohol can be used in the process of making syrups, savoury sauces and desserts. Here are some of..

Creative Ways to Incorporate Chia Seeds Into Your Lifestyle

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and protein, chia seeds are considered one of the most nutritious foods in the world. Believed to aid in heart and digestive health, this superfood also possesses the ability to stabilise blood sugar and maintain stronger bones and teeth. Here are some ways you can incorporate them into your..