Christmas Offers You Can’t Miss Out On

Christmas is near, and these mouthwatering eats will surely bring the cheer! Carlton City Hotel Singapore If you’re looking to spoil your guests this Christmas with some festive cheer (and merry eats), the Christmas Shoppe at Carlton City features a hand-carved sleigh that acts as a display for their festive roasts and sweet treats. On..

Are You a Thai Milk Tea Fan? These Dessert Spots Are For You

Thai tea is made from strongly brewed black tea leaves and served with milk and sugar. Drinking it regularly can benefit you. Though not as high in antioxidants as green tea, the black tea in Thai tea has cancer fighting antioxidants which will fight off viruses and diseases in the body. Moreover, it contains caffeine,..

New Eats to Check Out in November

As we are nearing the end of the year, it’s high time for you to wine and dine and spoil yourself with these new gastronomic eats and while the rest of the year away, with a glass of your favourite cocktail in hand. Five Nines Fives Nines, formerly located on Keong Saik Road, reopens at..

Top Maccha Dessert Spots in Singapore

One of the major health benefits of maccha is that it delivers a mega dose of antioxidants in every sip, more so than any other superfood, apparently. Antioxidants are chemical compounds that prevent aging and chronic diseases, better equipping your body in the fight against infections. Here are some places in Singapore where you can..

Steamboat Places in Singapore Worth Visiting

The hot pot seems to have originated during the Chinese Jin Dynasty where the main ingredient was meat, usually beef, mutton or horse meat. A multitude of other ingredients have since been added but the communal dining practice remains popular amongst many today. Prepared with a simmering pot of soup, the ingredients are cooked at..

Best and Worst Foods For Your Skin

Certain foods do help your body beat chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. But some of them also work wonders on your skin. Here’s how you can get a radiant glow, and keep your skin supple and soft by eating the right foods. BEST Veggies This one shouldn’t come as a surprise since everyone..

Rice: The Wonders of the Humble Grain

For many cultures, rice symbolises nourishment, prosperity, beauty, and even fertility. This humble grain is a great carbohydrate and our body needs carbohydrates for energy so it’s really not a good idea to cut rice entirely from your diet. Here are just some of the more common types of rice and how they can benefit..

5 Foods High in Good Fat

Fatty foods may not always be bad for your health. You actually need to consume healthy fats so your body can absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Some of them also fill you up so you eat less, and taste great, too. Here are five high-fat foods that are actually good for you...

NestBloom, Asia’s First Designer Bird’s Nest Dessert Makes its Debut

NestBloom is Singapore’s first designer, ready-to-consume bird’s nest dessert. It was created with the needs of the busy modern woman in mind. For many generations, mothers and grandmothers would spend hours painstakingly hand-picking and preparing bird’s nests, lovingly preparing this traditional dish for their families. NestBloom gives the busy modern woman the comfort of tradition..

FJ Visits: ATLAS

Boasting interiors fit for a king, ATLAS is a grand all-day dining destination built with astounding intricacy and magnificent design elements, without rival. Coming from Michelin-starred kitchens of London, Chicago and Tokyo, Executive Chef Daniele Sperindio presents an elegant selection of modern European dishes inspired by the glamour and romance of the Golden Age era...