TFJ Visits Spain: 1-Michelin Star Restaurant, Zortziko

Upon entering this 1 Michelin star restaurant located in Bilbao, Spain, we were immediately greeted with an exquisite classic setting paired with modern décor and a welcoming ambiance. We’d be lying if we said it didn’t make us feel like royalty. Speaking of royalty, the impeccable service provided by the staffs totally swooned us over...

Hello, October, We’ve Been Awaiting This Spooktacular Month!

If October’s your favourite month and there’s nothing more you’d like than to dress up and go crazy, we’ve got your back. From dressing up and wandering the streets of Clarke Quay to having a quiet night in with a small group of friends, we are here to give you some suggestions on how to..

Lime House: Fill yah belly up and ‘ave a limin’ time, man!

Get ready to embark on a journey to the Caribbean. Where the only thing that will faze you is the heat from a spicy bowl of house-made hot sauce. What comes to mind when the Caribbean is mentioned? The scorching hot sun, the crystal clear blue waters, the feel-good music, the laid-back people and not..

Hidden Gems: Where to Dine In The West?

As promised, we are back with the second edition of Hidden Gems. This week we have decided to cover the West side of Singapore. Now, now, hold your horses before the passport jokes make a comeback. As we aim to deliver not disappoint with this mini-series – here we have our top 4 places to..

Dom Perignon Runneth Over @ The Plentitude

If you’re looking for a dining experience, that leaves with a feeling higher than high, look no further than The Plentitude Suite, Stellar restaurant at One Altitude. Sip on the finest champagne, indulge in lashings of Sturia caviar and set to be mesmerized by multimedia projections on the table. We think this is an experience..

Hidden Gems: Where To Dine In The East?

Despite living in Sunny Singapore for the longest time, do many of you face this problem of being a tourist in your own city? It’s akin to the longest running joke of needing a passport whilst travelling to the East of Singapore from the West or vice versa. Jokes aside, when you find yourself in..

5 Best Rooftop Bars In Singapore

Look no further! The Food Journal has come up with a list of 5 rooftop bars in Singapore that’s worth going! Read on to find out more!  Orgo Located conveniently in the arts hub of Singapore, head on over to Orgo and enjoy a worms-eye vantage of the Financial District whilst being situated atop of..

Crazy for Ramen – 5 types of Ramen to enjoy with your family

What is it about Japanese Ramen that makes everyone go gaga? From the youngest child in the family to the oldest member at home, everyone loves a good Ramen dish. Not only is Ramen delicious, it is also a very healthy dish. For those who are health-conscious or needs to watch their diet (for health..

2018’s Mad About Matcha!

  Matcha is Japanese for premium “green tea”. Originating from Japan, it is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Well known for its proven health benefits, the high quality, finely-ground green tea leaves is highly popular among the health conscious today. Matcha has immense popularity in its visual appeal and health benefits (boosted metabolism, natural..

Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Buffet For Only $78++!!!

Yes! You did not see wrongly. Premium queen crab and award winning miyazaki wagyu beef buffet for only $78++ per pax. Usual price going at $108++. Now only available at two outlets, namely Capital Tower and JEM. If you’re craving for a scrumptious meal and not knowing what to have, En Sakaba is here to..