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Don’t have a clue what poke means? No, it doesn’t mean prodding someone. A poke bowl consists of sashimi grade fish, Japanese rice and salad – some sort of a fish salad that is extremely popular in Hawaii. Or check them out on Instagram to get a better idea.

Eating healthy does not always have to involve you grudgingly chomping on a green salad. The poke is a very much welcome concept to the health conscious in Singapore.

Choose from 3 available bowl sizes – the Lil Swell (1 scoop of poke), Standard Nalu (2 scoops of poke) and the Big Kahuna (3 scoops of poke). For someone with a pretty large appetite, the Standard Nalu managed to fill me up more than expected. If you have a small stomach, the Lil Swell will be ideal.

All credit goes to Chef Michael who helms the kitchen at Aloha Poke. He and his team report really early in the morning to receive, gut, clean, skin, fillet and cut (in that order) the fresh fish for the poke bowls. As simple as it looks, a lot of work goes into making that delicious bowl in front of you.

The 2 types of fish served at Aloha Poke – Salmon and Tuna – can be seasoned to order in 3 different ways; Original, Wasabi Mayo or Spicy. I feel that the Wasabi Mayo Salmon is the best of the lot but that’s just me.

It’s really delightful how tasty and fresh the fish is. Plus, the salad isn’t drenched in dressing like some other places do, so you can actually appreciate the intricacies of the different flavours of the ingredients. The only downside is the placement of the rice, which was right at the bottom so I kind of forgot it was there and most of the fish had been eaten by then. Other than that, it was a really great experience.

. . . . . . .

So in this bowl you have a couple of layers. The first layer would be your salad and accompanying add-ons that you ordered, then there’s the fish and the rice at the bottom. The salad looks great by itself but if only there was a way to showcase the rest of the ingredients without compromising on its structural integrity.


Lots of preparation goes into making the poke bowl and Chef Michael has gone to great lengths to ensure that customers get an authentic taste of Hawaii without leaving Singapore. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the evolution of the salad.

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