Move over Singapore Sling!

3 years ago by TFJ

The Singapore Sling is a signature gin-based cocktail conjured by a bartender at the behest of a love-struck officer with intent of snaring a bow-lipped beauty on a typically summery afternoon at Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel, Singapore during the colonial era. The lovers’ story culminated in a ‘happily ever after,’ legend has it. Even today, you can get the original recipe, a mixture of cherry brandy, cointreau, D.O.M. Bénédictine, London dry gin, lime juice, pineapple juice and a dash of angostura bitters, at the iconic hotel. Singapore has grown to be a bustling city in Southeast Asia in slightly over fifty years and continues to amaze the world with its global standards of excellence in terms of security and organization that, needless to say, made it ideal neutral grounds for the historic Trump-Kim summit recently. We digress, but this developed nation surely has evolved and bartenders are making truly Singaporean cocktails that showcase local flavours we love and will have you say: Move over Singapore Sling!

  1. The Kaya Toast Cocktail

The iconic Singaporean breakfast gets an intoxicating makeover at Bitters and Love. Served in a kaya jar and topped with white bread triangles and a generous dollop of kaya, this cocktail is a sugary treat made with English Breakfast tea, Mount Gay Rum, peach liquor, honey, fresh lemon juice, egg whites and more kaya! It’s refreshing and sweet at once. Will you enjoy the familiar flavor combination in its boozy form? Try it out at Bitters and Love, 118 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068587

  1. Pei Pa Kao Cocktail

If you remember your childhood days when you were likely coaxed to take Pei Pa Koa, there’s a more palatable way of drinking the stuff! The piquant flavours of Pei Pa Kao are given a lift with Bulleit Rye whiskey and angostura bitters via the Songstress at Mona Lounge. It’s a riff on the Old Fashioned and is served in that familiar herbal bottle at The Mona Lounge, L2, 25 Boon Tat St.

  1. Laksa Cocktail

The Laksa Cocktail is for you if you prefer a savoury cocktails over sweet ones. Ah Sam Drinks Stall makes all of its syrups from scratch and this is just one of their many unique cocktails. It is made with shrimp vodka, lime juice and a signature laksa syrup accompanied with some dim sum! This is an aromatic, frothy and fancy rendition of the laksa. A must try for Laksa-fiends at Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall, 60A Boat Quay, S049848

  1. Mr Bean

Would you have imagined that some something as simple as tau huay would be something you’ll be slurping at a bar? Turns out, nothing is impossible! Mr Bean is a blend of the famed Lao Ban bean curd pudding, butterscotch, kaya and dashes of vodka! Slurp it all up in a traditional ceramic cup at Jekyll & Hyde, 49 Tras Street, S078988.

  1. The Kopi Cat

The Kopi Cat is the Hyde to your Jekyll as it packs a punch with salted-caramel vodka, coffee, hazelnut and condensed milk, all served in a enamel cup for that kopi-tiam chic! It’s served alongside other ‘die-die-must-try’ cocktails at Loof, 331 North Bridge Road, #03-07, Odeon Towers Extension Rooftop, Singapore 188720

We said it: move over Singapore Sling! See if these cocktails make you nostalgic for familiar flavours for yourself.

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