Tips To Save That Cake!

3 years ago by TFJ


Baking can be therapeutic, but not for the intuitive cook who much rather eyeball amounts of ingredients. It’s a meticulous art, requiring exact quantities and specific methods of whipping, beating and stirring to achieve optimum results and consistency. Should that enticing cake recipe fail to yield the desired thick, silky batter, there are ways of saving a recipe gone awry. Yes, you can still have your cake and eat it too!

  1. A Trifle of A Deal!

Sometimes a cake can turn out dry and crumbly, but that doesn’t have to be a big deal if you turn it into a trifle. Chop up your botched cake into bite sized chunks and layer with whipped cream and fruits in a clear dish or clear dessert bowls/cups. The kids are going to love digging their spoons in and fish out creamy, luscious morsels of cake-cream-fruit all at once. No one’s going to notice that you overbaked the cake for sure. A trifle of a deal? We sure think so!

  1. Roll With It

As per Oasis, sometimes, “You gotta roll with it….Don’t let (that botched cake) get in your way!” Roll the spongy messy into balls. Dip them into melted chocolate and decorate as you see fit with whatever ingredients on hand such as chopped nuts, sprinkles, etc! Fix it on some skewers and there you have it, cake pops! For an adult version, add some baileys into the melted chocolate before coating. It’s also something you can make with the kids who’ll love to get their hands in on this delicious mess.

  1. Innovate!

Alter your menu slightly. Instead of serving an underwhelming cake with obvious flaws, consider changing its form slightly. Don’t we umm and uhhh over avant-garde dessert offerings? Toast your imperfect cake chunks till crispy and call them cake croutons to serve for a crunchy accompaniment on the Plan B dessert like a simple dressed fruit salad, quick fix chocolate mousse or grilled mangoes. Simply innovate that misdemeanor into an artistry and the responses might just surprise you. Wasn’t it Warhol who said art is what you can get away with?

  1. A’la French Cake Toast

No harm slicing up that overbaked travesty to resemble slices of toast, coating it in an eggy mixture and frying them up into rich, buttery slices of French toast! It’s a breakfast-friendly dessert you can serve with cream and fruit to unsuspecting adults and kids. Dust on some powdered sugar and you’ve got yourself a unique restaurant quality dish!

  1. Cake-Shake

Take that crumbly mess and “shake it all up” (a’la Harry Belafonte) with some milk and flavoured ice cream for a decadent milk shake! Imagine the unique flavours you could construct from botched cakes? Red Velvet to cheesecake!

  1. Cake-cotti?

Looks like biscotti might be in for some competition with this innovation! Slice up your “cake fail” and bake till crisp to turn into a cake-cotti! Jazz it up by coating it in chocolate too. This the kind of mistake you can cover in chocolate and feel all better.

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