5 Places To Visit In Perth, WA

3 years ago by Sonia Lourdes

A 5 hours plane ride away from Sunny Singapore, Perth has been on the list of many to travel to. If you’ve yet to head down to this part of the world or would like to visit it for the second, third or fourth time, read on to see if you’ve missed any of these interesting spots!

  1. Blue Boat House
    Fancy a picturesque view to show your Facebook and Instagram followers? Drop by Crawley Edge Boatshed-Perth’s most photographed and iconic location. Made popular by its excessive appearance on various social media sites, this boatshed holds a little historical value too! If you’re an avid shutterbug or in need of a new desktop wallpaper, remember not to give this place a miss!
  2. Rottnest Island
    Hop on a ferry and reach this magnificent island in under an hour. Once there, soak in its spectacularity and keep an eye out for the happiest animal on Earth, Quokka. Mostly flocked due to its raved about population of friendly but wild Quokkas, this family-friendly island has lots to offer! Rent a cabin overnight, get a grill started and have a good ol’ barbie under the starry night. Or simply spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city by cycling and exploring the island.
  3. Wedge Island
    Depending on the weather, Wedge Island is a must see for thrill seekers and beach bums alike. A 2 to 2.5 hours journey from mainland Perth and a 10 minutes drive from the Pinnacles, make your way down to this hidden gem for an undisturbed snorkeling session, catch a few ways, work on your tan or make your way down to its white sand dunes and give sand boarding a go! Bask in the view of white sands and blue waters whilst being on a beach so remote. Spend a day or two here up in the readily available beach shacks located a few minutes away from the beach. As the sun sets, keep both eyes peeled for wild kangaroos.
  4. Swim with Whale Sharks
    Between mid-March and mid-July every year, take a trip down to Ningaloo Marine Park. As the header above states, during this period, whale sharks can be found within the vicinity. What more! The viable option of swimming amongst these gentle giants are available too! This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting thing one can think of doing in Perth!
  5. Margaret River
    Located in the south of Perth and known for its craft breweries, boutiques and surrounded by lush wineries, it’s no surprise how this quaint town is well-spoken about If you’re a self-proclaimed craft beer or wine aficionado, remember to add this location on your ‘to visit’ list! Speaking of, this November, from the 16thto the 18th, join Nigella Lawson (celebrity food writer and TV personality), Singapore’s acclaimed chefs, Julien Royer (Odette) and Jake Kellie (Burnt Ends) for the seventh annual installment of the Margaret River Gourmet Escape presented by Westpac. Get your tickets to this Western Australia’s extraordinary festival of food and wine happening in our own backyard before they sell out due to overwhelming demand!Follow The Food Journal on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming food events, amazing places to eat, interesting food stories and giveaways/contests.

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