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Coffee, Tea, Or… More Coffee?

2 years ago by Sonia Lourdes

Coffee lovers rejoice! Fancy learning about your cuppa joe? Thinking of a new date night idea? Venturing out to doing something new and unheard of? Have no fear for you have stumbled onto the right page! With the influx of cafes bringing in a variety of coffee beans for you to indulge in, freshly brewing and presenting it to you whilst filling the air of their quaint space with a whoosh of aromatic goodness, one can never get enough of coffee. It just leaves you wanting to dig further into your cuppa, am I right?

Nespresso presents: A very first of its kind boutique! Located at VivoCity, this boutique is newly launched to support an ongoing series of masterclasses specially designed for you inquisitive coffee heads or coffee enthusiasts alike. These interactive and hands-on classes will be available in two modules- Coffee Fundamentals and Coffee Creations. Led by Nespresso’s own coffee experts drop by to gain knowledge on Nespresso’s coffee making process, coffee-making process, appreciation and the creation of unique recipes involving the star of the show: Coffee! Here’s a little more insight as to what both classes are about.

Coffee Fundamentals Masterclass:
Be welcomed into the world of coffee by exploring Nespresso’s Master Origin range.  Touching on 3 different countries, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Nicaragua. This class will be led by one of Nespresso’s in-house coffee experts to ensure credibility to the class. Join this class to gain insight on the distinct harvesting process and how it affects the aroma, taste and flavour notes of coffee. With, that being said, do not miss out on this amazing class to have a deep level of understanding and appreciating coffee in ways never imaginable.

Coffee Creations Masterclass:
Yes, you guessed it! In, this class all that will be focused on is the various recipes that goes along well with coffee. From creating it at home or at work, dabble into the world of coffee and be prepared to wow your social circle with amazing barista-esque knowledge, after! Following a guided class led by Nespresso’s coffee experts, coffee lovers will learn one iced, one warm coffee alongside a dessert creation. By learning the basics, Nespresso hopes it will inspire you to create more along to impress your friends and family.

Do also note, these two classes are FREE. If you’re interested, head on down to Classes will be held every Wednesdays @ 11am and Saturdays @ 11am respectively. What are you waiting for? Click on the link now!!!

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