Lime House: Fill yah belly up and ‘ave a limin’ time, man!

3 years ago by Sonia Lourdes

Get ready to embark on a journey to the Caribbean. Where the only thing that will faze you is the heat from a spicy bowl of house-made hot sauce. What comes to mind when the Caribbean is mentioned? The scorching hot sun, the crystal clear blue waters, the feel-good music, the laid-back people and not forgetting, the ever so tasty food. That’s right! TFJ took a trip down to Lime House as they unveiled their brand new Caribbean Tapas and Craft Cocktails. Guys, they did they NOT disappoint. Alrighty, let’s get to it….

Enter this dimly lit & quaint restaurant nestled along the stretch of Keong Saik Rd, Lime House has opened up our palate to an array of Caribbean delicacies. Alongside old favourites like their famous Jerk Chicken Skewers and Mac Balls, scrumptious new additions have made the cut as well.

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First, we started off with a huge serving of Crispy Plantain Chips—Caribbean nachos paired with avocado and tomato salsa. We’d be lying if we said a dance party wasn’t happening in our mouth with each bite. From, presentation to taste—everything was top-notch!

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The Jerk Chicken Skewers, Mac Balls and Spicy Shrimp dishes didn’t fail us in terms of taste. However, the Spicy Shrimp wasn’t as spicy as we thought it would be. That was before we were served a small dip bowl of house-made hot sauce. Much to our surprise and unlike any other hot sauces we’ve tried, following the kick of the heat, it also manages to leave an aftertaste of flavours in your mouth. Remember to ask for it if you’re a hot sauce aficionado or simply enjoy a fiery mouthful of chilli…. It rates a whopping 8 on our heat level scale.  

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Next up, we were introduced to a platter of Seafood Tostones. Now, being no Caribbean food expert, this dish consisting of plantain fritters and a cocktail of prawn & squid in a rum infused spiced dip blew us away, metaphorically, of course! This is a must try for both seafood lovers and non-seafood lovers alike.

Before we move on to the next few dishes and cocktails, we’d like to add that all spices used in the dishes are house-made by the ever talented head chef, Head Chef Andy. Who, undoubtedly is a wizard in the kitchen!

Moving forward we had two more dishes: Dhal Mushrooms and Doubles. Considering the similar spices shared by the Caribbeans and Indians, ‘twas a confusing moment for us.

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Dhal Mushrooms—breaded spiced mushrooms topped with cauliflower and chickpeas in Lime House original curry mix. Tasting a little similar to an Indian Samosa with a cool twist.

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—curried chickpeas & tamarind with mango chutney on homemade Barra bread. As tasty as this was, it shared a similar taste to the Indians’ dish of Chana Masala (spicy white chickpeas) and Bhatura (Indian fried bread made from Maida Flour). Both dishes of course, tastefully cooked in their own way. So, we’re not complaining!

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Last but not least, we were presented with 4 different kinds of Caribbean Rice Bowls. Namely, the Ital Stew, Oxtail, Tribajam Curry Goat and Jerk Chicken all beautifully resting atop a bed of fluffy brown rice. Each bowl oozing with its own evenly seasoned proteins which were cooked to perfection. The array of food truly left us stuffed for days on end.

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But wait! There’s more… if you’re a cocktail person. Don’t miss the opportunity of trying the new selection of craft cocktails made by resident Bar Manager and cocktail expert; Valerio ‘Politano. Don’t be fooled for he’s not just a pretty face but a creative genius! Seriously, who would’ve thought of using an ice ball made of apple juice and serve it with a world-class rum? He truly is the cocktail visionary of our time. Art lovers will fall in love with the Sfumato. Do take note: these cocktails may seem decent, but they truly pack a punch!

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Sfumato (the pink drink in the centre) – as the name states, the visual presentation is akin to da Vinci’s painting technique. This lovely ‘art piece’ consists of a refereshingly light and smoky Mezcal-based cocktail infused with the flavour of forest berry tea and finished with a bitter grapefruit tonic. Notice the subtle transition of colours in the photo? Amazing, huh?! 

What are you guys still doing here? Make a reservation, head on over to the Lime House to have a limin’ good time! We’re totally running back there for seconds, nothing can stop us now!!!

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