A Foodie’s Journey Through San Sebastian, Spain

3 years ago by Sonia Lourdes

Our 3 days in San Sebastian was definitely an enjoyable one – in terms of being exposed to amazing food and having the opportunity to learn about the origins of ciders and how it’s being made. Over here, we managed to dine at a well-hidden restaurant called Cofradia Vasca de Gastronomia, Petritegi Cider Place, 3-Michelin Star Restaurant, Akelarre and had more Pinxtos along the way.

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Cofradia Vasca de Gastronomia – we definitely walked up and appetite trying to find this hidden gem amidst the streets of San Sebastian. However, once arrived here and being filled with immense hunger.. hunger won and we weren’t able to snap more photos out for you. The food definitely did not disappoint. If you’re a fan of treasure hunts and long walk, the trip down to Cofradia Vasca de Gastronomia will leave you a happy camper.

Petritegi Cider Place – this place left us leaving Spain as know-it-all in ciders. From drinking fresh apple cider from the barrel, going on a tour around their cider place and learning that special apples are used for the creation of ciders, we definitely learned a lot here. Also, did you know, only riped apples are used to create the cider and they are picked up from the ground only after vigorously shaking the apple trees. Those that remain on the tree will not be plucked and will remain there till they are riped and are able to fall onto the ground after a couple of shakes. Apart from ciders, champagne is also made from the apples. However, they have to be stored for about 1-3 months to form the bubbles. Interesting, huh! We had lunch here and they were like nothing we’ve ever tasted before. Over here we were graciously served with an omelette and cod fish dish, salty cod fish and green peppers and t-bone steak. If you find yourself in San Sebastian, do not give this place a miss.

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Pinxtos – well, you know what they say, when in Rome do as the Romans but when in Northern Spain, EAT LIKE THE SPAINIARDS. Touring down the Old Court and casually munching on various pinxtos dishes whilst sipping on some sparkling bubbly was incredibly refreshing. These mini dishes comes in a mix of meats mixed with various kinds of vegetables and their burst in colours made them gorgeous to photograph, as well! We need more restaurants serving up Pinxtos on our sunny shores. 

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