Hidden Gems: Where To Dine In The North?

3 years ago by Sonia Lourdes

The North side makes an appearance this week as a part of our 4 part mini-series; Hidden Gems. Today TFJ ventures to the North side of Singapore to uncover 4 places your growling’ tummy. Following the East and the West, the North has had a couple of hidden gems that have yet to be explored. Thankfully for us, we were able to Indiana Jones’ our way through these places to ensure you get the best! So, let’s get on to it and take a journey down to the North!

This is a special place to all you vegans out there. Ever craved dairy so bad but never found the right source to satisfy those annoying cravings? Well, worry no more. TFJ has found THE spot for you to get your ice-cream fix. At Dofu, you get homemade black soy ice-cream. Wait a minute, what? That’s right, folks! This special treat to all vegans out there. Located in the ulu, Yishun interchange, Dofu hits the spot for us. Another fun fact is that, this black soy ice-cream with a layer of chilled soy pudding is churned on the spot in the store. If you’re craving for something a little sweeter, there are various toppings for you to choose from, as well. Made with top grade non-GMO soya beans with natural ingredients and no added fats, this is definitely the choice for the health conscience, too! Also, there is no gelatin included in the ice-cream and pudding. Make way Singapore as healthy deserts are slowly making its way down to our heartlands! What are you waiting for dear vegans and vegetarians? Satisfy your sweet tooth and make your way down, now!
Add: 20A Yishun Central, # 01-05 Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange Singapore 768830

The Summerhouse Dining Room
Located in Seletar Aerospace Park, this one is for all you Insta-foodies. Head on down to this nature-inspired farm-to-table restaurant and bask in its lovely ambience. Being paired with a farming collective of growers, producers and kelongs, this unique restaurant aims to give you the best of freshly produced ingredients served up in a fusion of dishes. One can also expect to see the garnishes and herbs that are being fused in your dishes at the in-house edible garden. They’ve clearly isolated themselves from the hustle and bustle of the city but we’re not complaining one bit as their array of dishes simply ooze of freshness and quality. If you’re a fan of venturing into the quieter parts of Singapore, The Summerhouse Dining Room is a must go!
Add: Level 2, 3 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Park Singapore 798387

Poison Ivy Bistro
Why are all the cool farm-to-restaurant eateries in the west, we wonder? Manned by the famous power couple, Ivy Singh and Lim Ho Seng, this farm space and bistro have been around since 2000. Before sitting down for a grub, one can take a stroll down Bollywood Veggies – to see how plants are cultivated by local farmers. Also, there’s been a recent addition of a food museum, bakery and culinary school. Pretty amazing, huh? Ever seen blue rice? Well, we haven’t and its Nasi Lemak Platter – that’s right, a platter – comes with blue rice made from organic blue pea flowers. Dishes are also infused with ingredients such as locally farmed barramundi, freshly brewed fig tea, fresh bread and many more. Poison Ivy Bistro is a favourite amongst TFJ team. Check it out now!
Add: 100 Neo Tiew Road Singapore 719026 (Kranji)

Calling out to the bikers in Singapore, this is one place that shouldn’t be missed. Fitting our aptly titled series ‘Hidden Gems’, it was definitely a challenge getting here. Located in the corner of Sembawang, near the waterfront between Singapore and Malaysia, the Handlebar managed to blow us away in a matter of minutes. Its unique décor stood out – in a good way. 3 must try dishes here are the Beer Butt Chicken, Cocaine Wings and Blossom Onion. Let us tell you guys, the dishes didn’t disappoint. While you’re here remember to take as much pictures as possible for your insta-fans. We weren’t disappointed taking on the arduous journey here as it was worth every sweat droplet. It’ll be easier to drive up, though.
Add: 10 Lock Rd Singapore 108938

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