Salt Grill & Sky Bar: Within the Clear Blues and Fluffy Whites

2 years ago by Sonia Lourdes

Join us this week as we dine at the incredibly stunning, Salt Grill & Sky Bar. Located at level 55 of ION Orchard, this restaurant is aptly placed in the heart of town or as they call it, ‘in the sky’. This is the perfect place to unwind whilst basking in the picturesque panoramic views of the city and sea. Whatever the occasion you will definitely be dining in style as Salt Grill & Sky Bar exudes a hushed and serene yet obviously classy ambience. As chef-restauranteur Luke Mangan officially announces his departure from Salt restaurants in Singapore and Japan, he passes the salt over to Executive Chef, Jake Kowalewski. Introducing a new menu designed by Kowalewski, join us as we bring you on a culinary journey of Asian and Australian infused dishes.  

As we entered the Salt Grill & Sky Bar, we were wowed by their impeccable service. Upon taking a seat and basking it its lush environment, we were to expect 3 appetisers, 2 main dishes and 2 desserts.

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First up was the appetisers. We were served with a plate of Geraldton Kingfish—it consisted of a Yarra Valley salmon pearl on a bed of avocado cream with white soy and herb oil. We were blown away by the freshness of the Salmon. Next up was the Roasted Shark Bay Brown Tiger Prawns plated with seaweed beurre noisette, garlic cream and charred lime. The charred lime brought a subtle yet refreshing flavour when paired with the shrimp and garlic cream. Lastly, we were served with a plate of Whipped Truffle Burrata. The burrata was beautifully placed on a bed of crispy pangrattato along with generous slices of onion jam, fig, tomato topped with olive, basil and aged balsamic. The creaminess of the burrata on this dish was uplifted by the juiciness of tomatoes, tanginess of the aged balsamic, and olive especially when paired with the subtle sweetness and seedy texture of the figs that were present on the plate. With the various appetisers we had, we were anxiously looking forward to the other courses that await us.

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The main course(s) of the Westholme Wagyu Rump Cap and Australian Pink Snapper made its way over to our table in a rather exquisite manner. With an MBS of 3-5+, the Wagyu lived up to its name and score. Of course not forgetting the prawn butter and pressed potato which didn’t fail to disappoint, either. This dish is Kowalewski’s interpretation of the ‘surf and turf’. Next, we were served the Australian Pink Snapper, which is an adventurous combination of lap Cheong (Chinese sausage) chilli jam, mussels, cucumber, samphire and ink aioli. Whilst it tasted familiar, its visual appeal was incredibly far from it. Stuffed from the appetisers and main dishes, we still had 2 more desserts to go.

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For dessert, the Ondeh-Ondeh “Lamington” and Honey Whisky Panna Cotta makes an appearance. The Ondeh-Ondeh “Lamington” is a play on a classic lamington cake inclusive of the traditional flavours of pandan and gula Melaka. We liked how the dessert was made to look like a giant snowball. For those of you who don’t enjoy an extremely sweet dessert, the Honey Whisky Panna Cotta will suit your taste buds. The balance of honey and whisky paired with dehydrated & compressed oranges and topped with chocolate tuile. This dessert had a mild taste to it and wasn’t as sweet as we thought it would be.

If you’re a fan of fusion cuisines, head on over to Salt Grill & Sky Bar to have a taste of Chef Kowalewski’s take on an Australian and Asian fare. Also a bonus for wine lovers, Salt Grill & Sky Bar is well-recognised for their multi-award winning wine list. 

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