TFJ Travels To San Sebastian, Spain

3 years ago by Sonia Lourdes

After an amazing 3 days spent exploring and being awed by the beauty of Bilbao, we set off in an hour and fifteen minutes journey to San Sebastian. Now, having minimal knowledge of Spain, we didn’t know what to expect here. But were very excited to explore another city. As you know, the beauty of being in another country is always well taken in. To be honest, on our hour and fifteen minutes ‘road trip’ to San Sebastian, all we could think of was the delicious food we would be feasting on. We couldn’t help it. We’re aptly named The Food Journal as it is.

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After the scenic drive down to San Sebastian, we arrived at our hotel – Hotel de Londres de Inglaterra. From the outside this building reminded us of the kind of hotels you’d notice along the streets of Broadway, New York City. It absolutely shared architectural similarities to Radisson Martinique on Broadway. This old-world 19th century hotel is set next to the beach overlooking La Concha Bay. Its picturesque views from the hotel room did not disappoint.

Once we were settled in our hotel room, we headed out for lunch. Now, not knowing what to expect in San Sebastian but having a rough idea on the kind of food we can indulge in, we cleverly had a light breakfast to ensure we have time to stuff ourselves during lunch.

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As we were instructed, this restaurant was pretty nearby our hotel and we were able to find it by foot. We were also presented with maps and the likes of it. However, after 15 minutes of aimlessly wondering around the streets of San Sebastian, did we manage to find this well-hidden restaurant: Cofradia Vasca de Gastronomia. 

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Soon after, we headed of to a guided tour of the Old Town of San Sebastian. Albeit similar to Bilbao, one will not be bored with the amount of visually pleasing and well architecture buildings around. It was like being transported back in the past only we were in the age of smart technology – lets not go there.

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Along the way, we also indulged in our new favourite, Pinxtos!

Our second day in San Sebastian was packed with a load of activities. First up, we made our way down to Petritegi Cider Place for lunch and a tour of the place. Not knowing much on the origin of cider, this tour was an eye-opening. Did you know, special apples are used for the making of cider and boy, are they bitter! Apart from that, we also got to try freshly brewed cider and it was quite the experience. We’ve learnt so much here and hope you include Petritegi Cider Place when planning a trip down to San Sebastian as this was an unforgettable experience for us.


Lastly, we had dinner at a 3-Michelin Star restaurant – Akelarre. We were left dreaming of our 9-course meal here. Even on the flight back and the first week we were back in Singapore. This restaurant deserves the stars they have and if it were up to us, we would have presented the moon to them. More on Akelarre can also be read here: Akelarre

Overall, we enjoyed our time in Spain and would like to thank the Tourism Board of Spain for inviting us over to explore its gorgeous shore.

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