TFJ Visits Spain: 1-Michelin Star Restaurant, Zortziko

3 years ago by Sonia Lourdes

Upon entering this 1 Michelin star restaurant located in Bilbao, Spain, we were immediately greeted with an exquisite classic setting paired with modern décor and a welcoming ambiance. We’d be lying if we said it didn’t make us feel like royalty. Speaking of royalty, the impeccable service provided by the staffs totally swooned us over. What else can you expect whilst dining in a Michelin Star Restaurant, right? Without further ado, let’s move on to the food dishes!

A 5 course dinner was awaiting us and we were excited to have a mouthful of everything on the menu. As we got seated, we were served with a “small snack” and a glass of wine. Known for their inventive and innovative dishes and being the kiasu Singaporeans that we are, we couldn’t wait for the main dishes to be prepared.

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Dish 1: Shrimp Ceviche, Moscatel Ice Cream, Sour Apple Juice Topped With Foie Flakes

After what felt like an eternity of waiting (we’re obviously joking—it only feel like an eternity as we were extremely famished), we were greeted with our first course. A plate of Shrimp ceviche, moscatel ice cream, sour apple juice and foie flakes. Just look at the generous serving of foie flakes. The fresh taste of shrimp paired perfectly well with the sourness of the apple juice and the unique taste of muscatel ice cream totally gave this dish more character than we had expect. Bear in mind this was only the first dish, we had 4 more dishes on the way, and we were already impressed! Zortziko definitely takes their creative flair seriously!

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Dish 2: Plankton Ravioli Stuffed With Apple And Cheese, And Laquered Bacon

Next up we were treated to a platter of Plankton ravioli stuffed with apple and cheese, and laquered bacon. Ok, who would’ve thought of fusing plankton, apple and cheese together? While it sounds like a dish that would be sought after, it was a burst of flavours for us. We were thoroughly impressed by such innovativeness.

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Dish 3: Red Scorpionfish Grilled With Its Gelled Pil Pil

Not long after, out came a plate of Red scorpionfish grilled with its gelled pil pil. Pil pil is a sauce of Basque origin made from olive oil, garlic and chilli—often paired with fishes or crustaceans. This dish was the highlight of our night. The scorpionfish—non-poisonous when its spikes are carefully removed with a pair of kitchen shears—has a mild yet unique flavour albeit often compared to cooked lobster meat. Having it paired with the pil pil was definitely a treat for our palate. If we had the option to eat the same dish every day, this dish makes the cut!

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Dish 4: Suckling Pig Atop A Bed Of Crunchy Bulgur With A Spread Of Tomato Chutney 

2 more dishes to go and we’re already beyond impressed with Zortziko’s array of delectable dishes. Right after the satisfying Scorpionfish, we were served with a plate of suckling pig atop a bed of crunchy bulgur with a spread of tomato chutney. When taken in together, the taste of the pig and bulgur worked extremely well with a tiny dollop of tomato chutney. It was truly a sensory dish.

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Desert: Coconut Mousse With Lemon Lime Jelly Paired With Lulo Fruit Ice Cream And Crispy Basil

And for desert, we were presented with a beautifully plated Coconut mousse with lemon lime jelly paired with lulo fruit ice cream and crispy basil. Although we were apprehensive on ruining such an elegant and pure looking dish, we did it anyway. Boy, did we not regret doing it! The combination of coconut, lime and lulo flavours were out of this world. Lemon, lime and lulo – a trio belonging to the citrus family – balanced out the sweetness of the coconut mousse. This brilliantly executed and refreshing dish deserves two thumbs up from us.

All in all, Zortziko did an incredible job in hosting us and we’d love for you to visit this 1 Michelin Star Restaurant if you ever find yourself in Bilbao, Spain. 

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