Vatos Urban Tacos: Annyeong… Hola… HELLO!!!

2 years ago by Sonia Lourdes

Annyeong…. Hola… Hello!!! Wow, we sure are confused. Let’s get down to it. TFJ made a trip down to Vatos Urban Tacos and got a little taste of Korea and Mexico. Opened by three Korean-Americans who grew up on authentic Mexican food and a steady diet of home-made Korean food it was only natural for them to want to introduce a new cuisine to the world. Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect. A little kimchi here, a little salsa here and voila! The world is introduced to a cuisine that’s aptly labelled ‘Ko-Mex’. Without further ado, let’s get on to the fancy food and drinks.

Located in South Beach Quarter, Vatos Urban Tacos, the FIRST restaurant of its kind outside of Korea, has managed to penetrate into the hearts of Singaporeans. As we all know, us Singaporeans are huge lovers of food. Especially when it comes to fusion cuisine. It was no surprise to see many locals amidst the crowds. The dim-lit place paired with an interesting choice of playlist brought an additional sense of comfort, as well.

To start, we were served with a basket of larger than life, freshly made corn tortillas with a side of 2 kinds of salsa. As we were pretty stuffed from a heavy lunch, we weren’t able to order much off the menu. Which disappointed us, greatly. Nonetheless, we went ahead with ordering what we can and stuffing our faces with those dishes instead.

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First dish we were served with was the Kimchi Galbi Grilled Cheese. Allow us to tell you guys, what we received was a plate of 2 pieces of incredible stuffed slices of freshly baked, sourdough bread. As we took our first bite, we could evidently taste the mixture of sautéed kimchi, marinated Galbi short rib and Mexican cheese. The kimchi won over our palate leaving the rest of the ingredients to sit by the sidelines.

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Next up we had a plate of 4 Chicken Mole Enchiladas. The ultimate star of the show wasn’t within the enchiladas itself but within the sauce that’s been generously poured over the enchiladas. This sauce is a mixture of Mole (Mexico’s National Sauce) and Gochujang, giving the sauce a burst of sweet, savoury and spicy taste. TFJ recommends this dish to anyone who’s dropping by. It won our heart with its complexity and random bursts of flavours!

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Lastly, we were graciously presented with a large serving of Char-grilled Chicken Fajita Platter. This was mainly chicken thighs lying atop a bed of fajita vegetables (green pepper, red pepper, onions) and served with a side of black beans, Mexican rice, guacamole, pico de gallo, cilantro lime crema and Vatos hot sauce finishing with warm flour tortillas. See, the thing we absolutely love about Mexican food is having the liberty to build your own variation of a wrap. Grab a chicken thigh, top it off with some veggies, pico de gallo and the delicious Vatos hot sauce and you’re good to go! As far as food goes, we were also informed of their Kimchi 

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To wash it down, we had 2 glasses of Vatos Urban Tacos’ well raved about, Vatos’ Ritas. This is basically a large glass of a combination of Margarita and Beer. We tried the Sexy Sanchez and the Corona Rita. Whilst you can get yourself a glass to share, we were feeling a little adventurous after the sumptuous meal.

If you’re a fan of fusion cuisine, make your way down to Vatos Urban Tacos for some Ko-Mex food and check their new menu out now!! Andale, Andale!  

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