Restaurant JAG – Where Food is as Artful as it is Delectable!

2 years ago by Puja Chandra Nanda

Cheese Platter at Restaurant JAG – Artful & Delectable!

In May this year, The Food Journal was invited for a media tasting at French fine dining Restaurant JAG, located at Duxton Road, Singapore. Jasmine J Goh, CEO of the Redtree Group and publisher of TFJ enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at Restaurant JAG along with a guest. Jasmine said she and her guest were “blown away by the splendid five course dinner that started with Amuse-Bouche, Boleau Mushroom Foie Gras and ended on the sweet note of dessert – dark chocolate and goat and rice milk ice cream.”

Dessert – Melisse, Dark Chocolate, Goat Milk


JAG’s Spring Menu – A Flavorful Treat from the French Alps!

The dinner was part of JAG’s Spring Menu tastefully put together with the best of seasonal ingredients and carefully-selected herbs that are indigenous to Savoie, France, procured personally by Chef Jeremy Gillon. These include the green and white asparagus, fava beans, purple artichokes, morel, Savoie trout, ruby red rhubarbs, fresh juicy sweet peas, edible flowers and 40 indigenous herbs from Haute-Savoie. Chef Gillon also makes use of vegetables sourced from Singapore such as the spinach, yams, sweet potatoes, chayote, Buddha’s hand gourd and micro-herbs to blend in local flavors into the restaurant’s menu.

Bouleau, Mushroom, Foie Gras

The special emphasis given to the natural flavors, textures and smells extracted from seasonal vegetables ensures that JAG caters with love to vegetarian and vegan diners as well. Chef Gillon takes pride in serving up edible works of art from his vegetable of the day and presenting a fine dining experience to the vegetarian and vegan guests.

JAG Dining Experience – An Intimate Affair!

Restaurant JAG is a cosy restaurant with only 7 tables. Guests are requested not to bring in children below the age of 12. The restaurant thus offers a truly intimate and tranquil dining experience to the diners.  The diners can also have a direct view of the custom built kitchen right from their tables to assure them of the purity and quality of food being served to them. The warm hospitality and simple elegance add to the alluring ambience of the place.

Lunch– If you are taking Lunch at the JAG restaurant, you could choose from either three or five exquisite Expressions of the Chef’s Tasting Menu. If you do not fancy a full-course meal, you could also choose from an intimate à la carte menu with mains starting at just $42++.

Three Expressions $58++
Five Expressions $108++ Wine Pairing Add $88++
Seven Expressions $168 ++ Wine Pairing Add $128++

Dinner– You are spoilt for choice if you choose to dine at the JAG restaurant. Guests can select from three choices – five, seven or ten Expressions, each comprising of a delicious Tasting Menu, which can also be curated specially for you – the diner.

Five Expressions $108++ Wine Pairing Add $88++
Seven Expressions $168++ Wine Pairing Add $128++
Ten Expressions $218++ Wine Pairing Add $178++

Restaurant JAG also offers an exclusive Caviar Experience with the finest selection of caviars served with a bottle of champagne.

Restaurant JAG also boasts of a well-appointed Lounge Bar with a dedicated bar bites menu, selection of signature concoctions and own interpretation of The Classics. There is a well curated Whiskey menu and hand-selected Tequila, Mescal, Gin, Vodka and Rums sourced from boutique distillers. Also, available for wine aficionados is an impressive wine selection of over 230 expressions and sake selection of 25 expressions.

Restaurant JAG – An Enterprising Combo of Great Food and Excellent Service:

Restaurant JAG owes its brilliance to Owner & Managing Director, Anant Tyagi and– Chef & Owner, Jeremy Gillon. Together, they transformed their love for great food and service into reality with Restaurant JAG and The Lounge Bar.

Anant Tyagi, Owner & Managing Director Restaurant JAG

Anant Tyagi, the Indian born owner of Restaurant JAG says he enjoys the instant gratification that restaurant service provides. He says (and we can’t agree more), “Happiness from having taken a sip of wine or cocktail that the guest enjoyed can’t be hidden – this is what I derive my motivation from.”

Chef Jeremy Gillon, the chef and co-owner of Restaurant JAG, brings with him the unique flavor of the French Alps in his specially crafted menu to diners.

Jeremy Gillon, Chef & Owner Restaurant JAG

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For Reservations and inquiries you can call at +65 3138 8477

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