Wolf Blass: Reinventing Wine Pairing Rules

1 year ago by Puja Nanda

Find Your Flavour, at Home, with Wolf Blass Wines!

Leading Australian wine brand Wolf Blass has partnered with five of the top Local Home Chefs from the popular food platform Dine Inn for an upcoming series of Private Chef’s Table dinners (now Delivery at Home Dinners). The campaign aptly termed ‘Find Your Flavour’ challenges Wine Pairing Misconceptions, encouraging wine connoisseurs and local food enthusiasts to change their attitude towards wine pairing.

Giving direction to the campaign are five home chefs, all highly rated on food platform Dine Inn, namely Lina Lim, Luke Lee, Ng Joe Ann, Sim Pek Sheiw and Berlinda Ho and Ng Soo Leng. All these celebrated chefs will delight patrons with an exciting line-up of exquisite local cuisines and suggested wine pairings all through April.  The menu will vary from local fusion to reinvented traditional to contemporary Peranakan with local favourites such as Tofu Rojak, Ondeh Ondeh cake and Pork Ribs on the menu. To reinvent wine pairing rules, Wolf Blass is asking consumers to look at the food sauce instead of the proteins, considering Eastern cuisine is more heavy on sauces unlike the Western cuisines.  Additionally, as experts noted meals in this region are served family-style instead of a multi-course sequence, hence the rules of wine pairing need to be redefined too. Local chefs will showcase how wine can be a natural complement to meals at home, not just to Western meals but local Singaporean meals as well.

Patrons can note that in line with Ministry of Health (MOH)’s latest guidelines on safe distancing measures due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, all upcoming Wolf Blass ‘Find Your Flavour’ consumer dinners scheduled between 4 April 2020 to 2 May 2020 at 103 McNair Road will be converted into a home-delivery service for consumers to enjoy the wine-pairing meals in the comfort and safety of their own homes. All consumers who opt for delivery will be provided free delivery of the meals and wine at their given address so they can continue to enjoy the unique dining experience. They will also be getting :

  • Two (2) large wine glasses per diner
  • Three (3) bottles of Wolf Blass Gold Label wines and one (1) bottle of Wolf Blass Grey Label wine (worth SGD191 in total) per pair of diners
  • Food and wine placemats
  • Disposable cutlery
  • Floral arrangement to dress up their own dining table

For those customers who do not wish to opt for home delivery and have already booked tickets will be issued a full refund.

For those who wish to enjoy the unique gastronomical delights from local chefs and the classy Wolf Blass wines, can do so in the privacy of their own homes and share their experience via social media by  tagging @wolfblasswines and
using the hashtags #WolfblassFYF and #FindYourFlavour.  Tickets are still available at https://www.privatechefstable.com/wolfblassfyf

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