Say Cheese with USA Cheeses!

4 months ago by Puja Nanda

Say Cheese with True Original Cheeses from USA!

The most ubiquitous ingredient in cooking – cheese is a staple in every kitchen. From pasta, pizza, sauces to dessert, cheese makes everything that much cheesier and yummier!

The United States is not only the world’s largest cheese producer, but also one of the most diverse producers with over 1000 cheese varieties. It is also home to many “true original cheeses.”  These  first truly USA cheeses – called American Originals can also be found in local supermarkets in Singapore such as the Monterey Jack, Cream Cheese, Pepper Jack, and Colby Jack.


USDEC Cheddar Colby [Pic Credit: USACG]

Did you know Cheddar takes its name from the gorge in England where this cheese originated? It is also the name of a step in the cheese making procedure called “cheddaring” that differentiates this family of cheese from others. Cheddar is excellent for both hot and cold foods with the most popular use being in sandwiches.  You can also grate it easily and incorporate into cheese sauces for dishes like mac and cheese or nacho dips sauce.

Monterey Jack:

Monterey Jack is the first true U.S. Original, created in 1882 in Monterey, California. It is named after the first man to commercially produce and distribute the semi-soft cheese made in the California missions for many years. The cheese is now produced in many states including California. This semi-soft has a mild flavor and melts well. Therefore, it is a popular topping for sandwiches and hamburgers or even dips.

Cream Cheese:

Cream Cheese in block [Pic Credit: USACG]

An American Original created in the late 1800s near in New York state, Cream Cheese is a soft, spreadable white cheese that can be incorporated into a wide variety of recipes. Most popularly, cream cheese is used as a breakfast spread on bagels, but the creamy mild cheese can also be mixed with sugar as a frosting on a variety of cakes. It is also the main ingredient in cheesecake, a famous U.S. dessert that you can easily find in cafés across Singapore.

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Images credit: USACG

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