Best and Worst Foods For Your Skin

Certain foods do help your body beat chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. But some of them also work wonders on your skin. Here’s how you can get a radiant glow, and keep your skin supple and soft by eating the right foods. BEST Veggies This one shouldn’t come as a surprise since everyone..

Beverages to Help You Sleep at Night

Deep sleep is essential for our health as it is necessary for memory consolidation as well as processing the occurrences in our day. Growth hormones are also secreted during deep sleep, which helps to regulate cell reproduction, growth, and cell regeneration. Here are some drinks that can help you get a good night’s rest. Milk..

Can Vegetarians and Vegans Drink Alcohol?

Before we get into the specifics of the different types of alcohol, there are some noteworthy differences between vegetarians and vegans. Both vegetarians and vegans exclude meat, poultry, and seafood from their diet; some vegetarians exclude dairy, while others don’t, and some may consume eggs. However, vegans also eliminate all animal products from their diet...

Berlin: Germany’s Historic Capital

Be enthralled by baroque and neoclassical architecture in a contemporary cityscape that is as arresting at night as it is in the day. Berlin, Germany’s capital city, is most famously known for the Berlin Wall – a symbol that once divided but now serves to unite this cosmopolitan municipality – filled with futuristic architecture, a..

Tuscan Belles

The ubiquitous Sangiovese grape can taste vastly different in the many appellations it appears in. Mavis Teo focuses on the three main players. Synonymous with Tuscany, the Sangiovese grape accounts for 10% of the total vineyards in the whole of Italy. It tends to be high in acidity and tannins, and is therefore often blended..

Rev Up Your F1 Weekend

Whether you want to revel in the spirit of the F1 hype or completely avoid it, there’s something for you during the Grand Prix weekend and the weeks leading up to it. And even if you’re not really a fan of the race, here are some dining spots where you can nevertheless soak up the..

Imbibe the Night Away

New, exclusive and unique concoctions to spice up your happy hours. THE BIRD TAKES FLIGHT AT MARINA BAY SANDS Following suit to its US counterpart Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, The Bird Southern Table & Bar’s extensive beverage programme serves the highest quality hand-crafted cocktails, including Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade, The Bird’s Old Fashioned with Bacon..

Different Types of Milk and their Benefits

As of late, all the hype is about A2 milk, a type of cow’s milk that doesn’t contain the A1 beta-casein protein. To compare the varieties, A1 has the amino acid histidine at position 67 in the protein chain, while A2 has the amino acid proline there instead. Despite this small difference, some believe that..

Coffee Places with Cool Latte Art

Latte art, as we all know, is a skill. It is a method of preparing coffee by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso, which results in a pattern on the beverage’s surface. Although some may argue that there is too much focus on the aesthetic side of things instead of more important aspects..

Infused Water and their Benefits

Also called detox water, infused water can generally be any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs steeped in cold water. The big difference between store-bought fruit juice and infused fruit water is that the former is flash-pasteurised, which means that a large proportion of the essential nutrients from the actual fruit are killed off during..