CHI KINJO: Creative Modern Sushi

Chi Kinjo is a Modern Sushi Bar and Highball Den launched by Coterie Concepts. It is an intimate yet lively Sushi & Izakaya restaurant and basement bar where promises are made and secrets are kept. This is the third outlet by Coterie Concepts. All their outlets are interconnected by a narrative. At Chi Kinjo, the setting..

Art at Curate: French-Japanese Gastro Delight

Local foodies are buzzing with excitement at the acclaimed Art at CURATE dining series (CURATE 美食艺术品鉴会). Kicking off the Art at CURATE Series 13 in Singapore is Executive Chef and Director Guillaume Bracaval. Chef Bracaval helms the upscale two Michelin-starred Cuisine Michel Troisgros in Hyatt Regency Tokyo. Troisgros in France was opened by celebrated Chef Michel Troisgros in 2006. Since..

Paradise @ Peppers, Gold Coast

Gold Coast may be surfer’s paradise to many, but The Food Journal had the pleasure of experiencing the true food paradise it actually has to offer. And it doesn’t require a lot of travel and transport budget. From the comfort of your accommodation, delight your palette at the hotel’s very own acclaimed restaurants and rest..

Hidden Gems: Where To Dine In The South?

We have reached the end of our 4 part mini-series of Hidden Gems. Today TFJ will take you to the South. Albeit there are many places that are unheard of in the South, we have efficiently picked the best out of the long list we had and are delighted to share them with you. As..

Salt Grill & Sky Bar: Within the Clear Blues and Fluffy Whites

Join us this week as we dine at the incredibly stunning, Salt Grill & Sky Bar. Located at level 55 of ION Orchard, this restaurant is aptly placed in the heart of town or as they call it, ‘in the sky’. This is the perfect place to unwind whilst basking in the picturesque panoramic views..

Grub It Up In November!

Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery Happening for 6 days only, Wild Honey, Mandarin Gallery is introducing the Taste of Jerusalem to Singapore. Featuring a unique Jerusalem-style market food, one of the hottest food trends to sweep the world in the recent years. Chef Yossi Esad, widely acknowledged as one of the fathers of the modern..

Electrolux Presents: Don’t Bin It, Swap It!

How much food do you waste on a daily basis? It may not seem much to you but do you know every food wastage contributes to Singapore’s food waste problem—which hit a high of 809, 800 tonnes in 2017? Households in Singapore have been cited as a major source of food waste. Now, if that..

Vatos Urban Tacos: Annyeong… Hola… HELLO!!!

Annyeong…. Hola… Hello!!! Wow, we sure are confused. Let’s get down to it. TFJ made a trip down to Vatos Urban Tacos and got a little taste of Korea and Mexico. Opened by three Korean-Americans who grew up on authentic Mexican food and a steady diet of home-made Korean food it was only natural for..

Hidden Gems: Where To Dine In The North?

The North side makes an appearance this week as a part of our 4 part mini-series; Hidden Gems. Today TFJ ventures to the North side of Singapore to uncover 4 places your growling’ tummy. Following the East and the West, the North has had a couple of hidden gems that have yet to be explored...

A Foodie’s Journey Through Bilbao, Spain

Europe is often known for its diversity of food. Unlike Asia, the usage of rice and rice-noodles are limited. As a foodie, we have taken it upon ourselves to be self-proclaimed food connoisseurs. What we didn’t expect was to learn more than our already extensive knowledge of food. We’d have you know that throughout our..