Dom Perignon Runneth Over @ The Plentitude

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If you’re looking for a dining experience, that leaves with a feeling higher than high, look no further than The Plentitude Suite, Stellar restaurant at One Altitude. Sip on the finest champagne, indulge in lashings of Sturia caviar and set to be mesmerized by multimedia projections on the table. We think this is an experience like no other and not to be missed for the Champagne loves amongst us. A visual one, that is!

The Plentitude Suite is a little secret suite hidden within Stellar at One Altitude where peerless dining experience awaits with a communal setting for eight diners. The menu changes according to the season. Hence, don’t fall too heavily in love over that one of ten courses you might indulge in. Executive chef, Chris Millar, designs an exquisite menu that‘s paired with an array of Dom Perignon Champagnes. This is a secret you must discover for yourself. TFJ got an insider look at the August menu. And boy, did it not disappoint!

We began with Charcoal Bread, deceptively underrated. Charcoal seems to be having its time in the sun at the moment, but in the hands of Chef Millar, this bread course is something else altogether. A blackened slice served with truffle snow and a balsamic vinegar ball that you must pick up and drop onto the plate to unveil the vinegar, a playful touch.

Of to the next visual treat. Schools of fish suddenly surge across the table, a hint at the next course, Chef Millar’s tribute to the offerings of the sea: Saffron Mud Crab with Razor Clam that have been treated respectfully and paired with garlic crumbs. 

Then comes the caviar! A heaping of Sturia caviar served on an Iberico crisp is showcased with egg custard dressed with uni butter, chorizo crumbs and Hokkaido uni. As we savoured this course, we learnt about how the Sturia caviar was sourced in Burgundy. We were definitely enjoying the informative journey apart from stuffing our faces.

Cheese and crackers is redefined with the next course: an exquisite 20-month aged Comte that truly a savoury cloud, served with yoghurt foam and two slices of roasted Comte crackers. The experience left my palate begging for more.

The main course of Sanchoku wagyu from Australia served with heirloom carrot and its puree, grilled leeks and shavings of Manjimup winter truffles is superbly thought out and reflective of Chef Millar‘s commitment to sourcing out the best ingredients the culinary world has to offer. It was truly a magical trip my tastebuds were on. Talk about taking a quick trip around the world.

Dessert was plated live and deftly by the pastry chef who worked with the nimble swiftness of a hummingbird. It was art you can eat.

Apart from the array of visual treats paired with fascinating information, this truly was an amazing dinner. Alas, as all good things come…they have to come to an end.

This secret is one you must experience for yourself. Indulge yourself in the upcoming menu offerings at The Plentitude Suite:

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