Paradise @ Peppers, Gold Coast

Gold Coast may be surfer’s paradise to many, but The Food Journal had the pleasure of experiencing the true food paradise it actually has to offer. And it doesn’t require a lot of travel and transport budget. From the comfort of your accommodation, delight your palette at the hotel’s very own acclaimed restaurants and rest..

TFJ Travels To San Sebastian, Spain

After an amazing 3 days spent exploring and being awed by the beauty of Bilbao, we set off in an hour and fifteen minutes journey to San Sebastian. Now, having minimal knowledge of Spain, we didn’t know what to expect here. But were very excited to explore another city. As you know, the beauty of..

A Foodie’s Journey Through Bilbao, Spain

Europe is often known for its diversity of food. Unlike Asia, the usage of rice and rice-noodles are limited. As a foodie, we have taken it upon ourselves to be self-proclaimed food connoisseurs. What we didn’t expect was to learn more than our already extensive knowledge of food. We’d have you know that throughout our..

A Foodie’s Journey Through San Sebastian, Spain

Our 3 days in San Sebastian was definitely an enjoyable one – in terms of being exposed to amazing food and having the opportunity to learn about the origins of ciders and how it’s being made. Over here, we managed to dine at a well-hidden restaurant called Cofradia Vasca de Gastronomia, Petritegi Cider Place, 3-Michelin..

TFJ Travels To Bilbao, Spain

The Food Journal Singapore made its way down to Spain for a media trip during the 24th to 29th of September. We were invited to dine and explore two cities; Bilbao and San Sebastian. Located in the north-central part of Spain, Bilbao was truly a breath of fresh air. Home to various eateries, 1-Michelin Star..

TFJ Visits Spain: 3-Michelin Star Restaurant, Akelarre

Off we go to the second part of our journey in Spain. Located an hour and 15mins away from Bilbao via road, San Sebastian holds a lot of historical value and is home to an array of delicacies and 3-star Michelin Star Restaurant, Akelarre. Only having 3 days to explore San Sebastian, you can pretty..

TFJ Visits Spain: 1-Michelin Star Restaurant, Zortziko

Upon entering this 1 Michelin star restaurant located in Bilbao, Spain, we were immediately greeted with an exquisite classic setting paired with modern décor and a welcoming ambiance. We’d be lying if we said it didn’t make us feel like royalty. Speaking of royalty, the impeccable service provided by the staffs totally swooned us over...

5 Places To Visit In Perth, WA

A 5 hours plane ride away from Sunny Singapore, Perth has been on the list of many to travel to. If you’ve yet to head down to this part of the world or would like to visit it for the second, third or fourth time, read on to see if you’ve missed any of these..


Welcome back to TFJ Travels. In Part 2 of ‘EAT|DRINK|INDULGE AT ADELAIDE – SOUTH AUSTRALIA’, we will be showing you more interesting food places and restaurants that we have visit in Adelaide. d’Arenberg Cube is inspired by the complexities and puzzles of winemaking. Created with the idea of a cube-shaped building, each of the five..

Eat|Drink|Indulge at Adelaide – South Australia Pt 1

In today’s TFJ Travels, we are going to show you some of the exclusive insights and travel experience that South Australia – Adelaide has to offer. The boutique city is known for its contemporary and vibrance surrounded by rolling hills, beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water and world-renowned win regions. Adelaide is home to wide boulevards,..